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Welcome to Aamurusko Finnish Lapphunds

We are a small, boutique Finnish Lapphund preservation breeder located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.



Breeding with love

I fell in love with the breed several years ago, but with the demands of a career that involved frequent travel the timing wasn't right to welcome one into my home until 2018. A trip to Finland with my partner that year solidified the decision that the Suomenlapinkoira (the name in the Finnish language) was the dog for us. They are an amazing breed - smart, gentle, loving and beautiful. One was never going to be enough, and our furry companions soon took over my life. Breeding has been a long term goal, and one I did not pursue lightly - waiting until I was at a point with work that I could take time off when needed.

At Aamurusko, we are active in conformation showing, dog sports, and therapy dog work. We enjoy being involved in the NSW dog community and are always happy to chat and introduce people to our lovely dogs.

Our dogs are cherished family members, and I will only be breeding sparingly, and selectively. I will be aiming to breed puppies that are true to type and fit for purpose - with a focus on health, structure, and temperament. 

To learn more about us or to inquire about puppies, please contact us. 

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