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A Litter - Due November 2022



Our first, long awaited litter is due around 8th November 2022. The sire of the litter is Odin, Ch Lapinlumon Velho, who moved to Australia from Denmark as a young man. He resides with Ros at Theldaroy, in QLD - who we cannot thank enough for allowing this litter to go ahead. Odin is a lovely, handsome, sweet old boy (he turned 11 in 2022) who has previously sired some beautiful puppies. With correct, moderate, balanced conformation, good health results, and a gorgeous coat - I just fell in love with this guy. I was lucky enough to spend some time with Odin in person, and loved his stable temperament as much as his good looks - he reminds me a lot of Salla and felt they would be an excellent match.

You can see his breed archive entry here.

Image by David Klein

B LITTER - TBA (2023 OR 2024)

We won't be having another litter for at least a year - please stay tuned for future litter plans.

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