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Salla is the dog that inspired me to become a breeder. She is sassy, sweet gorgeous, athletic, and freakishly intelligent. Salla has been in the show ring since a very young age, and has had some lovely successes. She is also a working therapy dog, and has a heart warming way of putting people at ease. 

Salla has a trick dog title (TKS), which she achieved with finesse - mainly motivated by her extreme love of snacks. Salla also achieved her lure coursing JC title in 2022 - this girl can run! 

Salla is a high drive and energetic girl. She needs regular physical and mental exercise, and will never let us get away with slacking off in these areas. She prefers to be around other dogs and humans, and would not cope well with extended periods of being alone. From a young age, Salla has had excellent recall and handler focus. She can be vocal and chatty, usually for attention rather than reactive barking. She is playful, but is also great at knowing when to behave calmly (e.g. when working at the hospital, or when she comes to work with me). She is resilient, confident, incredibly tolerant, and extremely affectionate.

Salla has a lovely, rich chocolate brown coat. When in full coat she looks like a little brown bear - but she is also notorious for doing HUGE coat drops twice a year, after which she looks an awful lot like a kelpie for a few weeks. She has a strong head, lovely moderate angulation, a nice tail set, and stunning, natural movement. 

She constantly challenges, awes, and inspires me to be a better owner, handler, trainer, and person in general. 



Loki is my heart dog - the first lappie that started it all for me.

We love all lappies at Aamurusko Finnish Lapphunds, but Loki has to be one of the most beautiful lappies we have ever seen. He has often been compared to a koala bear, wolf, teddy, and even raccoon - with his striking markings, sweet face, beautiful colouring and abundant coat. 

Loki is a sweet, cuddly, quiet, angel of a dog - the one that fooled me into thinking all lappies are angels - haha! He doesn't have much in the way of drive to work, unless there is cheese or a cute girl involved, rather, he prefers to hold court at home. Although he loves a good hike or play, he's totally happy for a huge cuddle and Netflix binge.

Unfortunately, despite being stunning, Loki isn't suitable for breeding, and has been neutered. But you will still see him rocking the neuter circuit at dog shows, trying his paw at various other disciplines, and living his best life on our sofa in between!

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